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Trucking & Transportation

The trucking and transportation industry is a critical sector of the United States economy as billions of tons of freight are moved annually across the country.   And we are privileged to represent some of the largest trucking and transportation companies and serve as trusted counsel to many of their insurers.

Galloway’s team of trucking and transportation lawyers understands that trucking accidents require immediate attention and that the claims require aggressive, relentless, and precise representation.  We have dedicated transportation trial attorneys across multiple offices, each with extensive experience in investigating, handling, and litigating trucking and catastrophic claims.  Our team is knowledgeable in governmental requirements and short deadlines for drug and alcohol test administration, and is experienced in evidence preservation, investigations, and early evaluation of potential exposure.  The depth of practice within each of our firm’s offices allows for a thorough and unique multi-disciplinary approach to each claim that we handle. 

Galloway’s coordinated Emergency and Rapid Response Team also stands ready to respond via telephone or e-mail, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assist in immediate claims investigation and handling.  This commitment to 24/7, on-site emergency response, allows our attorneys to become immersed in the earliest stages of a claim, gathering details and witness reactions that help our clients to anticipate the demands of the claim, position their defense, and build the foundation for the trial of the case when that is the proper path.  We work closely with teams of trusted and respected local independent adjusters and accident reconstruction experts to assist as necessary.  And our offices and response teams are strategically located to allow for the most efficient and effective rapid response throughout our geographic footprint.