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Equine Law

The equine industry presents a variety of unique legal considerations and challenges for horse owners, breeders, state and national organizations, businesses, facilities, veterinarians, and their respective insurers. At Galloway, we have attorneys who possess the background and personal involvement in the equine world necessary to competently handle these specific legal needs and appreciate the nuances only a practitioner with true “horse sense” can identify.

With this specialized background knowledge, we assist clients with the following:

  • Defend or resolve alleged breach of duties owed by trainers, stable owners, sales agents, or veterinarians
  • Represent individuals, businesses, or organizations in litigation arising out of property damage or bodily injury resulting from equine activities
  • Advise insurers on questions of coverage related to the use of specific equine and agribusiness products, including but not limited to mortality, loss of use, major medical, and agricultural operations
  • Advise or represent equine associations and industry organizations regarding member disputes and rule challenges
  • Represent and advise individuals in administrative disciplinary proceedings before organizations governing recognized equestrian competitions
  • Assist with drafting and negotiating industry contracts, including but not limited to breeding, boarding, and sales