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Federal Judge Tosses Texas COVID-19 Mandate Suit

In May 2021, more than 100 employees of The Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas (Houston Methodist) and its related facilities filed suit against the hospital claiming that requiring employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine is making them act as “human ‘guinea pigs’” as a condition for continued employment.  Throughout the complaint’s introduction, the plaintiffs contended that they are being forced to engage in an Orwellian experiment.

The facts are straightforward:

  • On April 1, 2021, the hospitals issued a policy requiring mandatory COVID-19 immunization of covered employees.
  • The requirement is subject to exemptions based only on medical condition or sincerely held religious beliefs.
  • If employees do not comply with the policy they will be subject to a suspension, beginning on June 7, and then termination if they are still un-vaccinated by June 21.

Plaintiffs argued that the policies “violate the principles established in the Nuremberg Code” which requires informed consent to participate in a medical experiment and that the individual must have freedom of choice without force, deceit, fraud, threat, solicitation or any type of coercion.


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