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Galloway Attorneys in Florida Secure Victory Through Settlement

Galloway Director Autumn George, Associate Athina Lehovitis, and their team secured a victory for their clients in settling a premises liability case in Florida. Their exemplary effort was clearly evident in the team’s diligence in managing deadlines, scheduling, investigative efforts, deposition taking, and drafting a strong Motion to Dismiss for Fraud Upon the Court.

Handling all depositions, especially the critical deposition of the plaintiff’s only listed expert, Athina and her effective questioning were instrumental in our success in this case. She deftly and thoroughly dismantled the expert’s opinions, and this proved instrumental in strengthening the motion to dismiss.

Faced with the threat of dismissal, the plaintiff promptly accepted a substantially reduced settlement proposal, marking a positive outcome for Galloway and our client. They particularly praised their well-drafted motion and the extensive preparation that led to this result. Galloway’s hard work and commitment to excellence delivered another outstanding result in Florida.