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Galloway Johnson Secures Defense Verdict for Vessel Owner

Tim Hassinger and Patrick Schepens of Galloway Johnson obtained a defense verdict for our client following a non-jury trial in the Eastern District of Louisiana.  The Plaintiff claimed he injured his hip and back during a personnel basket transfer from our client’s liftboat to a waiting crew boat in the Gulf of Mexico.  But the Court held the Plaintiff’s testimony was not “credible as to how the events unfolded during the personnel basket transfer.”  Instead, the sole cause of the incident was the Plaintiff’s “unsafe decision to take one foot off the basket and attempt to step onto the deck of the crew boat before the basket safely landed on the deck. . . .”  Accordingly, the Court dismissed the Plaintiff’s claims with prejudice.  Richardson v. SEACOR Liftboats, LLC, Case No. 14-1712 (E.D.La. 2015).