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Galloway Obtains Complete Defense Verdict in Missouri Jury Trial

Galloway attorney Jennifer Woulfe received a complete defense verdict in a jury trial she completed earlier this month in southern Missouri. The case involved the alleged loss of the FAA-required logbooks for an airplane owned by the plaintiff aircraft dealer. Galloway represented the local municipality that owns & operates the airport.

The plaintiff had purchased the plane without ever inspecting it and then left it at the airport for over 6 years. During that time, the airport mechanics discovered damage to the airplane’s engine, which, according to evidence presented by the defense, reduced the plane’s value significantly below the purchase price. When the plaintiff visited the plane for the first time 6 years after purchase, he claimed the logbooks had been stored in the plane upon purchase and were missing. He sued the airport for the loss in value to the plane as a result of the missing logbooks.

During the trial, Jennifer strongly contested the municipality’s liability for the loss of the logbooks as well as the cause of loss in value to the aircraft. The jury was out for just over an hour before delivering a complete defense verdict. Another great win for Galloway’s client.