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Happy Birthday NRRDA!

Happy Birthday NRRDA!

The National Retail and Restaurant Defense Association Celebrates Two-Year Anniversary and Launches 2010 Membership Drive

The National Retail and Restaurant Defense Association (NRRDA), which represents some of the largest national retail and restaurant chains dedicated to the defense of industry claims, is excited to launch its inaugural 2010 Membership Drive.

Starting immediately and open through December 2010, NRRDA is recruiting members passionate about reducing the number and severity of claims, networking with industry professionals, and enhancing knowledge on the defensive side of litigation.

In addition, for the first time since its 2008 founding, NRRDA is pleased to offer corporate memberships, free webinars for members, and an e-blast program that allows members to ask questions and receive answers from other members and industry professionals.

“We are thrilled about the tremendous progress we’ve made in such a short time period,” said Brian Cafritz, president of NRRDA. “Although the plaintiff’s bar is an extremely coordinated and resourceful group, there was a void for this on the defensive side. NRRDA offers a way to fill that void and it’s an initiative that is flourishing.”

Membership in NRRDA, an independent, non-profit networking association, places you at the forefront of the development of strategies to reduce the number and severity of claims—something which has grown even more vital amid complex healthcare reform and the down economy.

“Many of us have noticed, in recent years, a rise in creative claims and even fraudulent claims, especially in the restaurant industry,” said Cafritz. “Because so many of these issues are similar across multiple states, NRRDA is a great way for members to exchange helpful information and learn from one another’s experiences.”

NRRDA thrives on the support of its membership and currently has more than 200 members. The goal of the 2010 Membership Drive is to further strengthen the association by ensuring membership to qualified retail and restaurant professionals, in-house counsel, insurance professionals, defense attorneys and vendors committed to the defense of the retail and restaurant industries.

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