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The railroad is a historic and critical industry for freight transportation across the United States.  And it’s an industry that we have been privileged to represent.

Our railroad attorneys have represented various short line and Class 1 railroads throughout the Gulf South and elsewhere. We have successfully represented clients in the areas of FELA, crossings, preemption defenses based on HAZMAT transportation, hours of service, signal systems, and crew training/qualifications and other FRSA areas.

We also have substantial experience in handling toxic releases and catastrophic derailments involving death and serious injuries, as well as occupational health claims. As a testament to our experience, Galloway attorneys were involved in a toxic tort case where over 300 claims were dismissed on summary judgment. Our railroad lawyers have worked with national investigative efforts and participated in that work with the National Transportation Safety Board, the Federal Railroad Association, and technical experts regarding derailments as well.