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Commercial Litigation

When a company is faced with a commercial dispute, we recognize that the dispute is often the most critical litigation matter for that client. Resolving that dispute requires an in-depth understanding of our client’s business and industry in which that business is operating, while recognizing the challenges that a business faces when these disputes arise. That is why Galloway is routinely retained to represent companies in what is often their most complex, urgent and important litigation.

From multi-million dollar litigation to smaller cases on open account, we regularly represent corporations, businesses, banks, and credit unions in commercial litigation matters across a wide spectrum of commercial disputes: breaches of contract, indemnity claims, employment agreements, mineral liens, collections, shareholder issues, oil and gas litigation, injunctions, fraud, ERISA litigation, and everything in between. Our commercial litigation attorneys are dedicated to helping our business litigation clients solve problems and resolve disputes. And our focus has always been cost-effective and aggressive representation in the most expeditious manner possible. We also have the necessary experience to bring complex commercial litigation cases to trial.