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Employment Law

From the founding of our firm over 30 years ago, Galloway has defended employers and insurers in a wide variety of civil rights and employment litigation.  Our representation of employers often begins during the investigative phase by various administrative bodies and continues through any potential litigation and resolution of the claim. From cases involving single claimants to multiple claimants and class actions, we have successfully defended civil rights claims under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1991; the Age Discrimination in Employment Act; the Americans with Disabilities Act; the Fair Labor Standards Act; the Family Medical Leave Act; the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act; the Defense Base Act; the Jones Act; and state worker’s compensation laws.

Galloway also offers a variety of employment law services, including evaluating our clients’ internal human resources policies and advising employers on proactive practices to prevent future employment litigation. Additionally, our firm has created employment handbooks for a variety of businesses, helped employers create and implement internal record keeping policies that prove to be useful in defending future employment litigation, assisted employers with internal investigations of employee misconduct, and created separation agreements and releases in the event of employee termination.

Our experienced attorneys also offer seminars on a multitude of civil rights and employment topics, including sexual harassment in the workplace; employee rights in the workplace; preventing and defending employment litigation; effective human resources policies; record keeping and document retention; and labor and wage issues. In doing so, we keep our clients well apprised of the recent civil rights and employment laws, issues, and changes. This has served our clients well in preventing and defending their businesses against employment liability in multiple jurisdictions.