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Mass Tort & Class Action

The mass tort and class action attorneys at Galloway have represented local, national, and international corporations, insurers, and state agencies in complex, multi-party claims and class actions involving thousands of claimants.  We have defended claims for short-term and long-term exposure to hazardous materials, toxic substances, silica, and asbestos, as well as products liability involving the sale of hazardous and other substances.  Our experience in mass tort litigation and class action law includes a vast array of claims for personal injuries, property damage, and economic losses in industries involving petroleum products, chemical products, building products, and industrial equipment.

Our law firm has the experience, resources, and technology to aggressively defend multi-party, mass tort litigation.  As a sign of the confidence that our clients and co-counsel have in our ability to handle such cases, we have been appointed liaison counsel and steering committee members on behalf of various joint-defense groups in complex class actions.  Our technological resources also provide the necessary infrastructure for managing and litigating mass tort and class action matters in courts across the country.