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The purpose of subrogation is to recover money, not spend it.   Our law firm’s efficient operations and sensible overhead allow us to pass these savings on to our clients.

Some law firms who handle subrogation claims may be hesitant to try cases.  But we have found that the best approach to maximize settlement is to have a reputation for being willing to go to trial.  So, we handle each case as if we were preparing for trial.  We have found that regardless of the outcome, this method is the most effective way to properly serve our subrogation clients.

We also are committed to assisting our clients in identifying subrogation opportunities and handling subrogation claims across the country through subrogation opinions; location of assets and defendants; litigation; and reviewing closed and pending files for subrogation. Our attorneys have extensive experience investigating all manner of major losses, including fires, turbine failures, structural collapses, refinery losses, equipment and product failures, explosions, chemical spills, collapses, mold claims, and water damage.

Regardless of the size, we leave no stone unturned when investigating a loss.  A rapid response to a loss can be the difference between a successful subrogation recovery and no recovery.  Accordingly, our attorneys are available at any time—day or night—to quickly respond.