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Scott Traweek and Alexis Kessler Obtain Summary Judgment in Slander and Defamation Case

On January 11, 2018, the Circuit Court of Madison County, Alabama dismissed defamation and slander claims initiated by a former employee of the firm’s client.  Galloway’s Scott Traweek and Alexis Kessler filed for summary judgment on the claims and argued that the statements complained of by the former employee were either: (1) absolutely privileged as they were made in open court; (2) truthful representations; or (3) did not impute an offense of involving infamy or moral turpitude as required by law.  The court granted the motion and dismissed the former employee’s claims against the client.  In its decision, the court specifically noted that the former employee failed to present any admissible evidence in opposition to the properly supported motion for summary judgment filed by Traweek and Kessler.