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Summary Judgment Granted In Leon County Negligence Case

Ben Zimmern and Juan Fernandez of the Firm’s Pensacola Office successfully obtained a summary judgment in a premises liability and negligent security lawsuit pending in Leon County. The Plaintiff was shot multiple times while on our client’s premises and suffered extensive injuries as a result. The Plaintiff was hospitalized for several days, incurred approximately $100,000 in medical bills, and suffered from lingering physical and psychological injuries.  Before filing suit the Plaintiff demanded $1,000,000 and negotiations ended when the Plaintiff refused to accept a high five figure settlement offer, claiming they would never settle for less than $450,000.

In litigation, a Motion for Summary Judgment was quickly filed with the court arguing that the firm’s client was not responsible for the Plaintiff’s injury. After extensive briefings and a lengthy hearing the court held that even giving the Plaintiff every reasonable inference there was no duty owed by the landowner to the Plaintiff and summary judgment was therefore proper.