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Tampa Attorneys Phillip Howell and Maggie Potter Obtain Complete Defense Verdict in Multi-Party Personal Injury/Premises Liability Case

Galloway attorneys Phillip Howell and Maggie Potter, from our Tampa office, recently obtained a complete defense verdict in a multi-party personal injury/premises liability case.  The plaintiff alleged that Galloway’s client, a condominium association, created a zone of danger that extended beyond its property, and that the client failed to warn of the dangerous condition of its property. The plaintiff, who was renting a unit at the condominium, was injured when she tripped over a water faucet protruding through a concrete walkway located off the condominium’s property, but along a route sometimes used by residents to access the Gulf beach.  The plaintiff suffered serious injuries to her leg, requiring surgery and the possibility of two future knee replacement surgeries.  As a result of the defense verdict, the client is entitled to enforce its Proposal for Settlement against the plaintiff to recover attorney’s fees and costs.