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The Rig School…

The Rig School™


            On July 5, 2012, Tim Hassinger of Galloway, Johnson, Tompkins, Burr and Smith (GJTBS) will be an Instructor at The Rig School™ in Houston teaching “Offshore Drilling: Personal Injury and Contractual Claims under Maritime and State Law.”  The Rig School™ by Energy Training Solutions (ETS) is an extensive course over 4 ½ days and is tailored to those who are actively involved in servicing the oil and gas industry:  insurance brokers; underwriters; claims professionals; oilfield servicing and operating companies; attorneys; in-house counsel; and accountants.  The course explains how oil and gas wells are drilled and the unique challenges that must be overcome, including geology; oil and gas formation; seismic activity; land and leasing; well planning; hydraulic fracturing; drilling; contracts; personnel; production; safety; offshore catastrophes; laws and regulations affecting the industry; insurance; and economics.  For more information, please visit