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Galloway Awards Scholarships to Students at Law Schools Associated with Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Galloway, Johnson, Tompkins, Burr & Smith has awarded four scholarships to students at law schools associated with historically Black colleges and universities for the 2023-2024 school year. The Gulf South and Midwest based firm has committed to recognizing diverse law students while promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in law schools and in their practice.

This year, Galloway partnered with Southern University Law Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Florida A&M University College of Law in Orlando, Florida to honor their students’ achievement and potential, especially those students committed to the promotion and advocacy of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Scholarship funds will help these recipients focus on their studies and legal goals without the additional stress of financial concerns.

The scholarship program is an initiative of Galloway’s Diversity Committee, led by Directors Adraon Greene and Sarah Baggett, and represents an investment in diverse lawyers of the future.

Adraon commented, “Galloway has always been committed to diversity and building a robustly diverse law firm like Galloway does not happen inadvertently.  It takes intention, dedication and commitment. We are honored to expand on that commitment by partnering with these law schools and investing in the futures of our scholarship recipients.” He added, “We are dedicated to continuing our partnerships with these institutions through future scholarship opportunities and participating in on-campus interviews as we seek to attract and develop talented young professionals to add to Galloway’s diverse family.”

Scholarship recipient Megan Collins has become active in FAMU’s Economic Justice Center, which provides transactional law services to underserved businesses, organizations, and individuals. She commented, “Through the Clinic, I deepened my understanding of economic justice issues, gained practical skills, and learned the importance of community lawyering.” While receiving the scholarship, Megan stated, “Your investment in my education and passion for economic equity is deeply appreciated.”

For Southern University Law Center Chancellor John Pierre, the scholarships are a meaningful act of generosity for the students and community they serve, and ensures a transformational experience for the recipients. In thanking Galloway for their donation, he added, “Your generosity provides support and the ability to attract and support talented students from diverse backgrounds. We are a dynamic community because of the involvement and support of people like you.”

Galloway strives to be a beacon for law firms in the South who embraces a diverse and inclusive workforce, with a belief that diverse backgrounds and perspectives make better advocates, improve client outcomes, and strengthen ties to the community. The firm congratulates the scholarship recipients, and wishes them continued success in their study of the law.