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Since our founding over 30 years ago, a primary focus of our firm has been construction litigation, representing general contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, developers, owners, product manufacturers and suppliers, and the companies that insure those businesses.  We recognize that businesses and insurance carriers in the construction industry face distinct challenges, which require attorneys with specific experience in construction litigation, along with experience in negotiation and resolution of often complex construction defect disputes.  To that end, we have accomplished construction litigators in each of our offices for whom construction litigation is a principal focus of their practice.

For decades, we have also served as panel counsel to several of the leading insurers in the construction market.  Consequently, we have defended many complex, multi-party construction cases with millions of dollars at stake.  With that experience, our clients have realized success in the courtroom, arbitration, and mediation.

Whether a dispute involves public or private properties, including hotels, schools, port facilities, government buildings, medical offices, condominiums, and residential properties, we know that construction litigation often involves substantial defense costs involving numerous depositions, multiple experts, and extensive motion practice, in addition to insurance coverage issues that frequently accompany the underlying suit. Construction litigation attorneys must be focused and precise, aggressive and deliberate—all with a constant eye toward containing costs and effecting a timely resolution of the dispute.  Galloway’s construction litigation attorneys are dedicated to these core principals.